Wow, A Month Already.

Another milestone coming up on Monday and things are coming along great.  My incision is healing and I’m getting around pretty much like normal.  It is a very obvious knot running along my side across my abdomen, but it’s getting better.

I have to return to the hospital twice a week for clinics.  So being off work isn’t all taking it easy.  Labs have to be taken 2 hrs prior to taking my meds, so that put us leaving home at 5:30am to make it to Indy for labs.  Then we get the oh so exciting 2 hr wait.  The general public can be trying on your nerves.  From the elderly with their phone volumes turn to full, keyboard and touch tap set to sound, playing games with all the sounds on…. Then the guy talking business loud enough for everyone within a mile to hear and somehow the guy next to him snoring like a ban chi. The key to surviving is a battery pack for your phone and a good set of ear buds.

So at clinic, I meet with a transplant doctor to review my labs and get an update on my meds.  So far, my immune suppressant drugs have been reduced and my blood thinners have been increased.  While in the hospital, my cretatine level hung around 1.0.  Since then my clinics have been 1.1, 1.2 and then 1.3.  At 1.2 the doctor reduced my meds, at 1.3 he was a little more concerned.  I got to spend the afternoon getting 2L of fluid and an ultra sound.  He was looking for fluid build up around the new kidney, which would indicate the beginning of rejection.  He was also looking to see if there was an more internal bleeding.  I was sent home and haven’t heard anything, so no news is good news.  I go back to clinic on Tues.

Tuesday is also the super exciting day for stent removal.  During the transplant, when they tie the new kidney into the bladder, they use a stent to make sure the connection stays open while it heals.  Now it is time to remove the stent and the only way out is through the pisser.  A cable with a hook and camera is sent up and it is snatched out.

I have been driving to the hospital and Wendi has been driving back.  She will be going back to work Monday, so I will be driving both ways for the first time.  I feel confident and enjoy driving, so it’s not really a concern for me, but still a milestone to get past.

My wife has been by my side through the entire journey and it has been such a benefit to my recovery.   She was on the run the entire time I was in the hospital, keeping up with the pets at home overnight and being by my side during the day.  She has been able to take off work the entire month I’ve been recovering.  The first week at home, she was there for anything and everything I needed.  I was treated like royalty.  The next week, I began showing my stubbornness and started doing more for myself, but still had her by my side.  At this point, I think she has probably had more than enough of me and ready to get back to work.  Well, maybe not back to work, but back to another routine, out in public away from me.   I can’t imagine going through this without her and love and appreciate her for all she has done for me.

Life goes on and I’m not too concerned about the slight increase in my creatinine level.  Seems to be normal according to what I’ve read and from other transplant patients comments online.  I just see my life getting better each day and look forward to a full recovery and get back at it.  Here’s to better results Tuesday.


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  1. Such an incredible family. Kids that love each other enough to share body parts, and wives of my sons who have stayed by their sides diligently through this who event. Thank you to Wendi and Angela for loving my boys!

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