It’s Never Simple With Me

So, my first day to drive to Indy and back alone.  It was a busy one, and I’m glad, otherwise I would have really missed having Wendi there.  But it moved pretty quickly with all I had to do.  There was some concern that my “impractical” car would be difficult to get in and out of or too harsh of a ride.  I had no issues and  rather enjoyed most of the drive.  About half interstate, half county roads with a mix of twists in turns at points.  Plenty of room to open her up a bit.  Can you blame me?

After my labs, it was time for the excitement of the day – stent removal.  I had read up enough to know that it really wasn’t a big deal.  It would be a simple 1 minute procedure, but just the thought of how it had to be removed kept me curious and anxious.  On top of that, I have to expose myself to some unknown nurse and have her handle my stuff.  Actually, after being in a hospital gown for 11 days has worn off concern for other people seeing my stuff, but not totally, and not that up close and personal.  Anyway, I’m given a local right where it counts.   That was not pleasant.  Then the Dr walks in and wham bam thank you mam, I have a camera going up my stuff with full view on a tv next to me.  Worse part is when it has to pass the prostate, then you can see the stent and a little arm comes out with pincers and snags it and 2 seconds later its out and I’m done.  Really wasn’t bad at all.  After seeing what they removed, I am surprised it is so long.  Glad that is over.

So now it’s time to head back to the clinic and find out what my results are from Friday’s ultra sound and my labs this morning.  I feel great and can only think they are getting better.   Well, the ultra sound showed no issues and the blood test for rejection antibodies is negative.  All my blood work looks great, my weight is good, my hydration is great….. but the flipping creatinine is still climbing.  Now it’s 1.42.  The dr today is new to me, but he remembers working with my brother.  So he has to review all my info to decide what to do.  He decides that I should go on prednisone for 3 days but he wants to check with my surgeon first.  Dr Goggins is on the floor today and comes in to review.  He doesn’t want to start steroids and says to let things ride and check again on Friday, he is not concerned with me unless I reach 1.6-1.7.  He is concerned about my artery connection and has me go to another room for another ultrasound.  He looks on as they check the blood flow and compare pressures and they are both happy with the results and think things are going great.  The next step will be to have a biopsy of the kidney.  Being on blood thinners, they do not want to do that now.  So, I will stop taking the thinners next week, then see what the numbers are doing and most likely schedule a biopsy.

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  1. Wow. Reading this from a Mom’s perspective I am finding it a little tough. Brings back memories of your first catheterization when you were such a little boy. (I think I passed out when they did it). I am torn between feelings of joy that this transplant has been done, and feelings of fear and sadness that it ever had to be done. Thank God it is done, and hopefully every day things will get better. I love you, Todd.

  2. Love reading your blogs. Sure hope all goes well as it has so far. God has been good to you. Blessings and still prayers.

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