It’s been a while

So I was released to come home 3 days after the transplant. A short time really. I was told it would be 3-5days and I got it done early.

One of the things I believe was best for me was to walk. My wife was incredibly insistent that I walk every 30 minutes or so. It wasn’t painful or anything and helped my body get the blood flowing. I think this helped me get to go home earlier.

I know some people are asking for photos of the scars. I will get those posted as soon as I figure out how to put a gallery link. Some people may not want to see them.

Now that I’m home, I feel a bit more comfortable. Getting to sleep with my pillow, on my couch, etc. I didn’t get to sleep in my bed for about a week. It is uncomfortable to lay down flat. I prefered to sleep sitting up on the couch with my feet propped up.

Being a 3rd shift employee for 15 years has my sleep schedule all kinds of messed up. I can’t sleep at night. I try but it just won’t happen. Most nights I’m up until 4. That puts me 4 hours earlier to sleep than when I was working. So I guess I’m moving the internal clock around. I’m hoping to get to sleep closer to midnight by the end of the week.

As for how I feel, I won’t lie. It hurts. More of a discomfort hurt, but still there. I guess a dull pain in places, some sharp shooting in others. Last night my belly button was really bad. I believe some of the glue was pulled up and poking me. I just couldn’t get it to stop. I tried laying g on my side, belly, sitting up…. Nothing helped. Angela was brave and clipped the loose ends off and I was a bit better. Still had to basically lay still to keep from feeling it.

I am mildly concerned about the lower scar. It feels like there is a hard spot behind it. I’m guessing the scar itself. I’ll ask my Dr on Monday when I have my 3 week follow-up appointment. I hope and pray I don’t have a hernia or anything down there. It hurts when I laugh or sneeze or cough.

I hope I covered most everything that’s going on here. I’ll try to do more posting now that I’m up and feeling better.

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  1. We have been prraying for you and your brother at Macedonia CC. We so love Nancy and Tommy and care about their families. We pray for continued healing

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