Fun Facts


I received Clay’s left kidney and it was transplanted into my right side.  Clay’s kidneys were both of the same size, so they removed the one that was easiest.  It is easier to transplant the left kidney into the right side, so that is why it goes in my right side.  My other two kidneys remain and will eventually quit working and shrink.  There is no need to remove them.

My incision is 9″ long.  It was sutured from the inside out.  The outer seam was sealed with glue, no external stitches or staples were used.

I lost 15 lbs over the past 3 weeks.

The longest living kidney transplant is 50 years and still going.  Being 47 now, I expect to live a long full life thanks to the gift from my brother.

Kidney donors live longer healthier lives than average.  A person with one kidney can live a full life just as previously.